I would like to know the regulations on discount coupon codes.

Each code can be used once per customer, and only ONE(1) discount coupon code can be applied per order.

【When The Redeemed Code is Active, but Not Used】
Don't hesitate to contact us so we can revert the code back into cubes if you haven't used your discount code after redeeming it from your cubes.

【When The Redeemed Code is Expired】
Once cubes are redeemed as a discount coupon code, the corresponding code expires 6 months after being issued.
Unfortunately, we cannot revert or reissue any expired discount coupons.

Please ensure that you use the code within the valid dates.

【When Your Order is Canceled】
Please get in touch with us if you need a new coupon code when you would like to cancel your unfulfilled order and get the code back for some reason.

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